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How We Used a Car Title Loan to Pay for a Medical Emergency

March 13th 2020

Looking to buy Property? Think Before You Act!

March 13th, 2020

When one thinks of investing in a new property there are many considerations that come to mind. New furniture and new fittings all are needed to make the new property look posh. This is especially true here in Arizona, where all the houses are new and there's pressure to have the newest and best items. When you have already used up most of your savings and moving into the new place is on top of your priority list, worry not! Car title loans can help you get the cash you need to continue with your goal.

Investing is Not So Difficult Any More! Read the rest of this entry »

Making a Budget and Sticking To It!

January 18th, 2020

Discipline © by Grotuk

Creating a free budget planner is very important in this sluggish economy to keep track of where the money that comes in the house gets spent. Keeping things in order can help prevent any unexpected debt that tries to rear it’s ugly head. There are times though when you cannot get away from the unexpected things that happen in life. The trick is to be prepared for them when they do. Read the rest of this entry »

Hostess Gone for Good?

November 19th, 2020

The iconic brand Hostess saddened the nation with their news last week.  Due to continuous financial issues, they have been forced to shut down their plants.  This came after a bakery strike a week prior.  Bakery union workers make up 30% of their workforce.  Hostess factories are home to many of the most commonly used and loved brands.  The brands under Hostess include  Holsum, Twinkies, RingDings, Zingers, Wonder bread, DingDongs,  HoHos and Butternut Bread.  Some  Americans are stocking up on their favorites since they will no longer be available.  Since Hostess has been in business since 1930, this is a big change for some.  My parents have been eating Wonder bread since they could remember.  Americans will have to switch to similar brands after their favorites are completely unavailable. The good news is Hostess believes that it will not be hard to sell their brands to  U.S. buyers.  In fact, there are many hopeful buyers already.  Looks like Hostess lovers might have a good chance of still having some of their favorite treats available. Read the rest of this entry »

Smoking Ban Violating Freedom of Speech?

December 14th, 2020

Arizona State University has decided  to join 800 other schools nation wide in the smoking ban on any University property- including tailgating gatherings.  The new policy will be in effect for students, staff and visitors starting in August 2019.  Arizona State University hopes that the ban will encourage a healthier lifestyle for their students.  Currently, smoking is allowed 25 feet of further away from building entrances on campus.  Today some students are protesting the smoking ban claiming that the ban is a violation of one’s freedom and the right to choose.  The protest is scheduled from 9am-2pm on ASU’s campus in Tempe.  Students for Liberty, the university group that is organizing the protest, doesn’t disagree with the fact that smoking is bad for you.  However, they do believe that people should be able to make their own personal health choices amongst others.  The university said their decision to ban smoking was to promote the overall health and well being of their students and staff.  ASU students are hoping that their protest will push ASU to at least have designated smoking areas on and around campus rather than a 100% ban throughout University property. Read the rest of this entry »

2019 Election Memorable Moments

November 6th, 2019

America, the beautiful (365-185) © by Robert Couse-Baker

There’s a lot of events that have happened throughout the election campaign period that may change the way the final results go tonight.  Democrats and Republicans have been known for getting dirty with each other over the years but this election has turned everyone a little bit uglier.  Here is a list of the most nail biting moments in the election. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Quick Title Loans in AZ

November 3rd, 2019

“I need a quick way to make some extra cash.  I don’t have enough for bills right now.  This is one of the lowest times I’ve gone through financially.   I have a car payment to make & a rent check to write.  Not to mention a cell phone bill that is past due and still owe family and friends cash that they had lent me in the past.  I am in the middle of making a career change and it has been hard making a turn around.  I think it is because the economy mostly.  I know the government is trying to intervene but it will be some time before the policies start to trickle down through the economy.  I was in Real Estate and it was going really well.   Obviously, the business has come to a complete slow down.  I want to be a nurse but my bills are too high to make the transition.” Read the rest of this entry »

Build Your Way To The Top

November 2nd, 2019

Armed Forces Career Center © by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District

Some expenses we can’t avoid if we live a standard lifestyle.  Paying rent/mortgage, driving to work everyday and buying food because you’re hungry are all part of a standard lifestyle.  Common expenses add up quickly.  In fact, they add so quickly sometimes that you have a very limited amount of income left for extracurricular activities.  Budgeting is important in order to keep your finances in order.  Even with a budget, you can find yourself being left with just a minimal amount because you simply don’t get paid that much.  It’s hard to work hard everyday when you feel that you are not earning enough.  But how will you ever make more if you refuse to work hard?  You won’t.  The average person starts from the bottom up. Read the rest of this entry »

Hurricane Sandy Effects On The Economy & You

October 30th, 2019

Hurricane Irene off the Carolinas © by born1945

Hurricane Sandy is one the biggest disasters our nation has seen in a long time.  The Superstorm officially hit the east coast late last night.  But the storm is much more than a hurricane.  It is a Superstorm that will cause a lot of bad things to come together at once.  Size wise alone Hurricane Sandy is the largest storm ever- about 900 miles across in the Atlantic.  Winds are expected to hit well over 75 miles per hour.  Some of the worst effect of Sandy will be seen by the storm surge.  A storm surge is a wind-drive water that if forced against the shoreline.  Of course we don't see these kind of storms here in Arizona. This can lead to dangerous flooding.  High winds and flooding can leave behind some disastrous situation in the cities of the east coast.  The economic impact will be huge.  Hurricane Irene disaster totals were around $7 Billion!  Considering that Sandy has don a lot more damage, it is estimated that the damages will total far above $7 Billion.  Read the rest of this entry »

Cast Your Vote For President Election 2012

October 23rd, 2019

Old Glory, Patriotic Rustic Peeling American Flag, The Stars & Stripes, Red, White, Blue, on Wood © by Beverly & Pack

It is important that you are registered to vote in this upcoming election.  The race for President 2020 is getting increasingly more important.  The most recent polls show a very tight race between Obama and Romney. The final presidential debate took place last night.  It is unsure who exactly won the last one.  Everyone has a different opinion on the matter.  I think the most important thing to do is have an opinion of your own.  We live in a country where we are allowed to voice our opinions and beliefs.  We have the power to pick who will lead our country in the right direction. Many other countries around the world can’t say the same thing.  We need to realize that voting is a privilege and not always so in the rest of the world.  We should exercise our right to have a say in the people who  will govern us.  Ultimately, we all want the same thing.  A protector who will keep us safe from attacks from other countries.  A leader who will make the right moves to conquer our national debt.  A president who will look out for the countries’ best interest with the future in mind.  A lot of people in the U.S. need a financial pick-me-up.  Whoever your vote goes to this year, it is important to make sure you do vote.  Often times you’ll hear people say “my vote doesn’t count” depending on if they live in a blue or red state., they think that it will remain that way in every election.  In reality, all it takes is a couple of people like that to swing a state vote all together.  History had proved that. Read the rest of this entry »

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